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Parent Coordination


The purpose of the Parent Coordinator is to minimize conflicts between parents. The Parent Coordinator will help resolve disputes and make decisions in your child’s best interests when the parents are unable to do so.

A Parent Coordinator is often engaged when other avenues of problem resolution have not resulted in the ability to make joint decisions about children. This means that there continues to be disagreements about such issues as schedules, overnight visitation, choice of schools, extracurricular activities, transfer between parents, holiday scheduling, trouble with child’s behavior, religious training, health issues, problematic behaviors on the part(s) of one or both parents, etc. Most often the family has already participated in a custody evaluation.

This is not therapy, rather it is a method of resolving parental disputes in the best interests of the children.

This process should be employed only when an issue cannot be resolved by the parents. It is suggested that parents make an attempt to resolve issues as they arise prior to contacting the Parent Coordinator. When the Parent Coordinator is asked to resolve problems the Parent Coordinator’s decision should be binding. 

The Parent Coordinator will only concern herself with issues regarding the children. All other disputes between the parents, such as financial, property, etc. will not be within the realm of the Parent Coordinator’s duties and must be resolved in other venues.

In order to address issues as they arise the Parent Coordinator will meet both parents, meet the children, familiarize herself with any pertinent documents including forensic reports, therapy notes, school records, etc. at the start of the process as she deems appropriate. She may contact any pertinent third parties including teachers, caregivers, medical providers, psychotherapists, etc. She will hear from each and any third party, who, in her opinion would be necessary and helpful to fulfill her role as Parent Coordinator.