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Supervised Visitation

The goal of supervised visitation is to ensure the safety of a child or children while they visit with a non-custodial parent. Supervision of the non-custodial parent results from a court decree or by parental agreement whenever regular visitation is deemed a risk to the child or children's emotional or physical health. There has long been a shortage of satifactory supervisors in the New York City metoropolitan area.


·        Office, home-based, and community supervised visits within the context of court ordered or mutually agreed upon supervision

·        Licensed social workers who are neutral professionals experienced and knowledgeable in the areas of child development, parent/child interactions, and family dynamics

·        Custom tailored visitation plans depending on the children’s ages, the reasons for supervision, and the needs of the family

·        For court ordered supervision, submission of reports to court and court testimony when required

·        Offices in Manhattan and Staten Island and availability throughout weekdays and weekend days



·        Caring and vigilant supervisors who promote positive parent/child interaction

·        Thorough intake process to facilitate successful parent/child access

·        Carefully structured transitions to avoid arguments and conflicts

·        All supervisors are able to submit reports to the court and to testify when required



Dr. Sara L. Weiss has been a psychologist for over 30 years. She has experience with high conflict divorce cases, sexual and domestic violence cases, and collaborative divorce. A past president of the clinical division of the New York State Psychological Association and a past co-chair of the Interdisciplinary Forum on Mental Health and Family Law, Dr. Weiss functions as a forensic evaluator, parent coordinator, and mental health specialist in divorce cases.


If you or a family you know is seeking professionally supervised visitations please call:

Manhattan – 212-475-9812                           Staten Island – 718-494-9397